The little acorn: #litdrive

I recently blogged here about my role as LIteracy Coordinator and the key actions that I intend to put into place over the next year. I then @staffrmd a post about sharing action plans, policies and resources with other literacy leaders on a national scale here and received an overwhelming response from Tweachers from all over the shop. I am keen to collaborate with others to share the successes and obstacles faced within our own individual schools and find the process of collaboratively planning and reflecting to be an integral part of my teaching practice; in a time where our workloads are hefty and our minutes are best spent within the classroom with the very people that we wish to make an impact upon, one hundred heads will always be better than one. So with this in mind, I intend to collate feedback and suggestions for #litdrive on a half termly basis, blogging the findings and effectively creating a record of all of our journeys over time as we empower students to recognise and develop their literacy skills. Sounds grand, right? If you would like to get involved (and please share, the more ideas the merrier the year!), then please get in touch via If you have any suggestions, then I would also love to hear them. Happy new term!

Want to sneak a peek? Click here


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