#Litdrive Moves House!

A year ago (almost to the day) I started up #litdrive, a shared drive for Literacy Coordinators (and all those who think it important that kids know their exclamation form their explanation) to share resources and initiatives. A year on, we have grown from a select few to a few more and I’ve shifted us […]

The Whole Non Fiction Caboodle

After not wanting to move my MOST RETWEETED RESOURCE EVER from TES and put onto dropbox with all the other bits and pieces, here’s the link. I got sick of searching for 19th century resources and their 21st century worthy comparisons and so put a booklet together- it really is a starting point but it […]

KS3: Cobweb Clearing Phase 2

Please find below a number of links for various resources to monitor progress, mark and teach AO descriptors at KS3. ideal if you are following a five year flight path: Making AO criteria explicit through displays and teacher reference to reading strategies: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k77j2va8782oy1p/AAB4wlGF7JHtNr2W5DuWuaama?dl=0 Making AO criteria clear through GCSE mirrored assessments: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9m3ae1zz3uojvsy/AACvh5WgwicPjp4MV8MATcCDa?dl=0 Making AO criteria […]

Woods and Trees: Advice for Autumn

The start of term is what I think sometimes a slightly more productive time to reflect upon the year before; your brain is functioning again after a few weeks of ‘being you,’ your thoughts are fresh and you can think about your practice in context to your new students. We all start with clean slates, […]