#PedagooHampshire16: Getting into Gear with English and Litdrive

This first line is really because I am so excited about this, that I needed to get a first line down to get this blog going. There it is, out the way and I can get on with explaining why.

The collaboration that comes with teaching is like nothing else I have experienced within a professional career, and Lord knows I love a good teachmeet! #PedagooHampshire will be no exception because I truly believe it is a little something special.

I was first introduced to #teacher5aday on Twitter and have grown accustomed in following the journeys of teachers from around the world as they share their stories of coming together and celebrating not only the very essence of what it means to teach, but their lives and enjoyment outside of teaching. The fun, laughter, enjoyment and reassurance from @martynreah’s 5 a day baby has sometimes been the thing that connects me with others when the day has been a bit too long, or the workload pile a bit too high.

To repay in kind my gratitude, I have been so kindly invited to run a session at #PedagooHampshire16 to have a chat (I’ve been assured that if you are attending, you will talk back!) about how I have used Life after Levels as an opportunity to re-energise English and Literacy, sharing practical, time-saving ways to assess, track progress but also encourage students to realise the vital connection between their effort and their achievement.  I will also babble a little but about the chance to collaborate with other teachers internationally with #litdrive and #KS3LTP, outlining ways for you to get involved in future collaborations. Although the developments are English specific, they are tweaked from an abundance of ideas used by other subjects so the aim is that there’s something for everyone.

As a shameless additional plug, I’d like to mark the superb input from teachers for #teacher5adayread by holding a book swap. I will be bothering you for your books so please bring along one or two books that would love a new home.

Look forward to seeing you there- I’ll be the one with the bag of nerves and a smile!




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