Bring Your Milk!Developing Healthy Habits

On the back of a massively successful week over the Christmas Break, #teacher5adayslowchat is set to return over Easter. Over the seven days, @martynReah, @MsHMFL, @SueRoffey, @naomi7444 (founder of the #teacher5aday journal, a fantastic crowd funded project), @MrsPert1, @EnglishHOD , @formationpeople, @GilchristGeorge (a man of formidable knowledge within both education and improvement) and @robfmac contributed to blogs in the run up to the week with differing approaches to the same overarching theme: how can we tackle wellbeing, both individually but also on a vaster scale, within schools and communities?

I often tell this story to my students, after my Mother telling me the same story when I was young about individual impact.

There once was a small, insignificant village with a multitude of giving and compassionate people. One day, Hero, the local messenger arrived to announce that the Emperor was coming to town- their town! Who would have thought such a great man would grace them with his presence. As a result, the Mayor proclaimed that the fountain that greeted all the village’s visitors would flow with milk on the day itself, as a mark of gratitude to the Emperor.

It was very simple: every household would need to bring one pint of milk to the fountain early that morning to prepare for the great event. Easy.

The morning finally arrived, with locals gathering to see their great National leader as his procession began to flow down the hills towards the village. The mayor waited until the horses had just reached the gates before commanding his men to reveal the fountain of milk for all to see.

The villagers held their breath, eagerly awaiting this gesture of appreciation…… but nothing burst from the cherubs that sat at the precipice of the fountain. The fountain lay dry and dormant. The mayor stammered his previous words, his face a twisted ball of anguish, but again, nothing. A single drop failed to appear.

You see- this is why ‘teacher5aday is so important to me, and many others, for two reasons that you can draw from this story. One is that the small, simple acts that you carry out in a bid to maintain your own wellbeing, thanks to the use of Twitter, are reached by so many other people, that you may make more of an impact to simply you’re own. The second, is that whilst some may consider wellbeing as an individual issue, like so many other social and economical issues that are present in society today, I do not. If we want people to succeed, to thrive, to simply find contentment on a day-to-day basis within schools, we need to recognise that mental and emotional wellbeing is not something that will get better if we do not do something about it.

To re-vitalise and reaffirm the priority of wellbeing within schools, #teacher5adayslowchat is making a comeback! Join us over the course of the week, from 4th-8th April, as we look at developing healthy habits. I’ll be starting on the Monday- which coincides with my first day at a new role so @martynreah will be tweeting my questions and sharing ideas until I can drop in later that day. We’re going to start with your own wellbeing; I want to consider the different strategies that we can develop to recognise our own capabilities and limits, whilst sharing practical ways of maintaining levels of focus and keeping wellbeing a key priority overall.

Opening on the 4th, I want you to consider the following questions to start:

How do you measure your wellbeing? What are the warning signs?

Why keep #teacher5aday top priority? Why is work/relax simply not enough?

What has helped you to maintain the focus?

I look forward to you joining me over the course of the week as we discuss Developing Healthy Habits- please feel free to get in touch before April with any thoughts you may have.




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