Enrichment is Exactly That

Not particularly ranty or thought provoking, but I have been spending lots of lunchtimes with students either revising or tutoring and have been able to find time for enrichment now that the exams are finishing up. In poetry club today, we explored the concept of what makes home home to us, leading up to submitting entries for The Stamford Theatre competition with Wendy Cope (link can be found here We used George The Poet’s ‘My City’ to inspire us to consider how to put the comfort that we take in home into words. Here was my quickly chucked together example:

Where I Live

The porcelain teapot,
The lull of the boiler
Warming the heart
Of where I live.

The chuckling breeze
Welcomes me home,
Opening the arms
Of where I live.

Scents of me? Of him? The aroma
Of honey and laughter
Of where I live.
There can be no replacement,
No alteration or substitute,
As I adore only
The place I live.

It is such a nice outlet to teach what I consider a little bit of a lost talent and one that I am keen to open up young writers’ eyes to. With the final products of graphic novel club now in printing and film club commencing after Easter (thanks to Into Film!), I am really enjoying giving students the opportunity to explore aspects of English and Media but with ownership and controlling the pace of their own curiosity.

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