The type of week that I have survived: allow yourself a little self indulgence

I ran my first Teachmeet (and learned that my self-induced expectations are ridiculous).

I spoke passionately and honestly about the teaching climate today, with emphasis being on to be a better teacher for students, you have to protect yourself.

I pulled off a guest speaker with @thefixupteam for Y9 that had a HUGE impact on students.

I gave a merit to my severely autistic boy for his bravery and confidence. He cried.

I found out that some children actually like having me as their teacher.

I have let my illness change my teaching so that the students ran the show.

I have witnessed some of my most reluctant learners celebrate their success through our long term homework pilot.

I have refocussed my efforts for preparing GCSE stuff that has been on my to do list FOREVER- I may actually contribute more than a Ppt stuffed with animated GIFs.

I tinkered with Powtoons. I love it!

I met some inspiring new teachfolk that will be invaluable.

I got to watch @PivotalPaul in action again and remember how emotionally attached I am to teaching.

I received several comments from staff about how absolutely GORGEOUS my small person is.

I cracked on with that heap of marking. Efficiently.

I used student voice to get clarification and confirmation that they do actually not only recognise the value of homework, but enjoy it.

I shared some positivity with many different staff, and got to know some a little more.

I changed my teaching and experimented again with approaches that I know have worked.

I emailed year 9 to let them know that I am here for them before their exams and that I had every faith in their efforts and capabilities.

I set up Film Club.

I compiled a list of books for the library including some fantastic young people’s poetry to inspire!

I sat with kids at lunch every day to work with them or share my love of literature with them.

I talked to three girls in tears (separate times, no en masse!) and told them it would be ok. And meant it.

I sat down with a very isolated young man and made a plan.

I created beautiful poetry.

I got brave and sent off the poetry for judging!

I judged some fantastic stories for the @bbcradio2 500 words competition.

I took some work off people’s hands.

I did as much as I could pre exams before taking to reins off.

I took time for myself in between.

It’s amazing how much you can fit into a week- I bet you’ve managed to squeeze in a whole heap of amazing bits.


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