Memory Lane: Have We Learned Anything?

I’m as guilty as the next teacher to be known to start a conversation with those infamous three words. ‘In my day’ gives the ultimate assumption that you were the model child in comparison to the yoof of today. That you tottered into school every morning twenty minutes early, got out your colour coding pens […]

Enrichment is Exactly That

Not particularly ranty or thought provoking, but I have been spending lots of lunchtimes with students either revising or tutoring and have been able to find time for enrichment now that the exams are finishing up. In poetry club today, we explored the concept of what makes home home to us, leading up to submitting […]

Workload Challenge: What Have You Done?

Spurred on to post after finishing up my presentation for @TMLeics (final plug, I promise), I was reading back over the Workload Challenge and the key elements reported back by Nicky Morgan and Nick Clegg as ‘implementations’ which I would like to retitle as pointers but somewhat lacking the guidance for practical implementation. Attending Education […]

#TakeawayHwk a year on

After seeing the prettiness of takeaway homework menus that teachers had coated Twitter with last year courtesy of @Teachertoolkit amongst others, I felt the need to jump on board the bandwagon. I loved the sense of engagement, the differentiation that it presented to students and the consideration that homework didn’t simply need to be writing […]