#Teacher5aday- Making each day a prettier version of itself

I was truly inspired by @martynreah’s #teacher5aday blog, and it really helped me to provide a structure to so many goals and aspirations that I had marked out for the next year. As we approach the end of the second month of 2015, whilst fresh in y mind from the piece that I have put […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

You can keep Christmas. A food based coma where one prosecco-fuelled day merges into the next and after an eight week term, the only thing keeping me awake is the conveyor belt of food and the fact that I have an obligation to make sure I enjoy Christmas as I have been instructed to by […]

Five Things to Do at Half Term

This is more a personal reminder than for anyone else’s benefit, but this is what happens when not one of the clever twitterers can help you to fix your iphone calendar. Instead of my technological to do list, I have put it together here. You’re welcome! 1. FRIGGING GO TO FRIGGING ICELAND AND FRIGGING FREEZE […]