How hard can it be?

So. You may have noticed that I am arranging a teachmeet for Leicester. You may also notice that the this blog is quite possibly the only one that I have written that doesn’t start with a heavily sarcastic sentence. That my friends, is called the fear.

I personally hold @actionjackson for this entire affair (please feel free to compensate my traumatic ordeal with a presence on the 17th March Mister?!). If I hadn’t read that damn book, and got all writing lists and positive on my capabilities, then none of this would have happened.

Basically, I think that I am pretty good at my job. Now, do not mistake that for ‘I am a fantastic, flawless teacher.’ The sentence does not state that. I am good at my job, because I am good at spotting the holes. Historically, I have demonstrated utter flair at replaying events and selecting each and every possible flaw in a system or process. It turns out that only two things can come of such an x-man style talent such as this. Your friends pile deplete dramatically to those who can accept your outspoken honesty (they are the best ones, after all) and you make a cracking teacher.

So. There I was, on page 17, reading about how @actionjackson ends up doing things usually as a direct result of being terrified of the situation.I had a little epiphany (if that’s possible at 7.20pm in bed on a Sunday in March. More dramatic settings would be preferable). What am I most afraid of?

Now, you are looking at the girl who is practically a social recluse. I could take part in some sort of social evolution study at the detrimental effect of social media due to my reluctance to speak to anyone on the phone, I am renowned for my spectacular ability to select only the most inappropriate of jokes for any given awkward situation in public, and I hate to talk about myself, or anything that I could possibly be judged or held accountable for. So, you’re wondering, what scenario would be the perfect combination to bring all of these fears together in one monumental ball of terrified metaphorical wool of panic? A blimmin’ teach meet.

After visiting teach meets in the past, and presenting last year at @furtheredagogy’s very well organised Leicester Teach Meet, I was blown away by the positivity and support within the room; there is nothing like the energy of several teachers that are genuinely excited about their profession.

Recently moving schools has opened my eyes to a new type of educational climate. After several local schools have had council approval to shift from 11-14 schools to offer education on a larger scale, expanding to 16, we are entering into an exciting time. Arm this jointly with the move for many subjects meeting linear assessment requirements, and boy oh boy. What fun we shall have. I wanted to provide a network for teachers to share ideas and approaches for this, specifically but not limited to the changes within the county. After two years on Twitter, I have come across very few teachers that use the social networking site, and do not feel that it is currently utilised by staff at both my current school and previous schools. Once I had set up the Teach Meet venue and date, I found myself repeatedly explaining the concept to teachers, which I found quite alien. I simply took for granted that others accessed information in the same way that I have.

And so, @TMLeics is my way of getting past that chapter in the book, and doing something about a situation that I feel is rather significant in both the local area, but also within education as a whole. I want teachers within Leicestershire and the surrounding counties to have a collection of people to call upon, and perhaps to open their eyes to the realisation that in a time of such a shift within schools, that we can both celebrate the unity that comes with being a teacher, but use one another to prepare ourselves for that shift. So yeah, to sum up, I’m excited.


3 thoughts on “How hard can it be?

  1. Sounds fantastic! We organised our first teachmeet #TMAld in May and it was a really exciting event which generated lots of excitement and interest. You can find most if the presentations on you can also find us on twitter @teachaldenham – good luck with planning @TMLeics – let us know if we can help at all.

    • Thank you so much! It is a terrifying and yet exciting prospect; I am very much looking forward to working so hard on a project outside of my school role.

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