Ten Reasons Why #TakeawayHwk is the best thing to have happened to you

1. Your inbox of ‘what’s the homework? I don’t get the homework? I can’t print the homework? I can’t do the homework?’ will disappear.
2. Your students will learn the true value of being independent, and
3. Really enjoy it.
3. You will consistently appeal to the more kinaesthetic/visual/auditory learner,
4. And your homework will play on your students’ strengths as well as their needs.
5. Your classes will embrace rather than dread homework- my most reluctants are now producing some fantastic pieces of homework.
6. Students will get their heads around this rather important yet alien concept of ‘the deadline.’
7. Your homework marking will be minimal (this is so far down the list for a reason).
8. Your homework pile will be the most eclectic mix you have ever seen.
9. The quality of students’ work will be better because they have re-created the topic in a way that they personally comprehend.
10. By term six, students will be creating their own homework in some alternative reality where students teach themselves and you just smile encouragingly like you’re being filmed for a ‘Those who teach, teach’ advert.


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