Everything is just a little bit nicer…

Than the first term, right? I mean, sleep deprivation is still a massive deal and book marking resembles some sort of Polar expedition, but it feels easier. I think (and I don’t want to tempt fate for fear of walking into something HORRENDOUS on Monday morning) that i am simply getting a bit better at it. I know this because of the following things:

I do not end Friday with the panicked thoughts of how much work I need to fit into the gap between then and Monday

I do not spend all Saturday and Sunday planning

At times, I get the disillusioned idea for just a second, that I may be ahead of the game on my marking

I have lessons that took very little time to plan that go remarkably well

I no longer have weekend dreams that my Head holds a whole staff assembly that it turns out is in fact a ceremony to present my P45 to me (true story)

There are some days where staff tell me ‘you look nice today’ which must indicate that I washed my hair AND had make up on that day

I am not barking at children because seven weeks in, I’m tired, they’re tired, everyone is just so DAMN TIRED but we must must must plough on with our learning ways until Santa comes (come on Santa, throw me a bone)

I’ve moved house, and don’t want to check myself into some some of retreat

Lesson planning is still fun, and no longer keeping me awake at night. Write it in the ideas book Miss, and then go to sleep

I have successfully weaned myself off canteen cake and feel positive about keeping to this new, improved, non-dependent attitude towards sugar between the hours of 9 and 3

I still really like being a teacher.

PGCErs, chin up. I know they all say it, but guess what? It’s only ruddy true!

Please note, this was all written whilst having lost access to my email on a temporary basis. This is probably a reasonable explanation for what can only be described as ‘living in an idyllic bubble of ignorance.’


2 thoughts on “Everything is just a little bit nicer…

  1. We all live in an idyllic bubble of ignorance at some stage during the school year. Keep doing what you are doing, it is obviously beginning to pay dividends and remember that although the job seldom gets easier, we get much better at dealing with it!

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