Student Led Learning- Final instalment and reflection

This week saw the final lesson with my Y9¬†group to consolidate their learning over the previous two lessons. The groups had previously been given an extract¬†from Shakespeare’s Much Ado to understand, analyse and be in a position to re-teach to the rest of the class through a task that they have the freedom to compile […]

Everything is just a little bit nicer…

Than the first term, right? I mean, sleep deprivation is still a massive deal and book marking resembles some sort of Polar expedition, but it feels easier. I think (and I don’t want to tempt fate for fear of walking into something HORRENDOUS on Monday morning) that i am simply getting a bit better at […]

Student Led Learning- Part Two

So. After dreaming about this lesson (concerningly), part one of three took place on Friday. My personal aim is to encourage responsibility for their learning; for the students to really get to grips with how they learn, and the different possible responses to a text. Rather than simply reacting to material within the classroom, I […]