Acceptable Enthusiasm

It appears that people are strangely suspicious of happiness.


I am being inecrdibly upbeat about January. Maybe it is the ridiclous amount of fruit that I am consuming in order to keep myself on the sugar-free wagon, the fact that I am actually bothering to exercise, or the exciting but terrifying prospect of owning a house on Friday. Either way, I’m pretty positive at the best of times but even by my standards, I’m proton-charged with happy thoughts. This has been met with a variety of responses:


what’s up with you?

Are you alright?

Why would you think its a good day?

(My personal favourite) You’re mental.

I am taking part in a teaching and learning strategy that is run every term at school, and really enjoying the challenge of pushing my own ideas that little bit further. T&L is my bag, and I would quite happily throw ideas back and forth with someone all day when it comes to classroom ideas and enforcing positive behaviour (check out @pivotalpaul for a bit of heartwarming positivity for your classroom). My chosen area of focus is student leadership and ownership, which I will blog about separately, but it has really stretched my noggin which is always a nice feeling. I’m more awake, the children are all fresh and shiny new as opposed to sleep-deprivation grotty-gremlin December, and stuff is good. I’m up to date, I can plan faster and better, and my child no longer panics that the house has burnt down if I turn up to collect him before 5pm. So why all the PMA beef?

Part of my #Nuture1314 was to be nice, for nothing. Now, this wasn’t a case of consciously recognising that I was being an ass kissing-motive-shielding sneak, but simply that I think people forget to be nice just because. We are all a little bit selfish as human beings (only natural, think we’re centre of the universe and all that jazz) and forget that other people have stuff going on and bad days and all that nonsense. So, I smile at every child, I have some very funny morning conversations with my tutor group first thing and I try to make people’s days a little bit nicer. So if I do smile at you, it really REALLY is just because I’m being nice. Not because I’m unhinged. Honest.



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