Getting over a Teach Meet Phobia

I attended my first Teach Meet this evening, and forced myself to present at it. The end.

Kidding! Ok, this is difficult for me to formulate into sentences so stick with it.

I presented about using feedback- something that I am particularly passionate about- and how useful it is to find a way of making the time to be individually involved with each students’ progress when it is impossible to have that dialogue sometimes as a secondary teacher. It was a topic that I felt was a little safe for me, and next time I will definitely be a bit more all-guns-blazing instead of being massively intimidated by the big room of scary grown up teachers.

My Prezi failed, I fumbled through with a scrap of paper and my old biddy memory, and things were fine. However, I didn’t feel particularly fine about it. It made me go away and question why I had chosen that particular subject when there were so many pretty things that I am currently doing in the classroom that I could have talked about.

I wanted something that everyone could relate to, and accommodate. I realised how difficult it is to stand up and share with people that have been in this profession a long time, but also people that use social networking and conference situations to share and utilise skills. It was an incredibly intimidating process to speak to people that I feel already know so much more than me, and having already discussed with departments, I always get that internal niggle that I am preaching to the converted.

However, it made me realise how genuinely committed teachers are about their profession, and how lucky we are to be working in an industry that supports one another so whole-heartedly. The feedback I got was both constructive and positive and it has definitely spurred me in to be more brave when approaching a presentation in the future. This job requires so much self-criticism that your inside voice goes into overdrive and you simply assume that everyone knows what you know.

After working in Industries that encourage the failure of others in order to achieve success to an extent, I think it has unfortunately left me with a suspicion that teaching is finally breaking down. We are lucky to be part of a network of people that are actively striving for one another to excel and that is both a rare and fabulous thing.

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