Good Things

Things for the good thing jar this week:


Playing Geek Guide with my new Y7. Everyone writes the thing they are still nervous about at big school, or the one piece of advice we would give. Giant specs are put on volunteers to pull out the anonymous concern or piece of advice and read out. Class give advice in response.

Tension heartbeat with Y8 to measure tension within the novel. Every time they feel that the tension increases, the ‘heartbeat’ takes a jolt, antd they label with a page number or key word to remind them for class discussion.

Connotation top trumps- played with Y9 after being a little bit disappointed with their language analysis. I had originally used jigsaw post its for them to retrieve a quotation, then an adjoining post it to analyse a key word within the quotations. I pulled the ‘best words’ from their quotations to use within the game. One student acted as adjudicator and read the words, and teams would think of as many words to associate or top trump that word. Words had to carry the same meaning, and be extravagent. E.g ‘choking fog’ from Woman in Black became strangled, axphixiated, smothered etc. They then used their team sheet as a scaffold to write their analytical paragraph.

Not focussing on the bad things. Behaviour is rearing its ugly head, but then we all knew the honeymoon period couldn’t last forever. So, remind yourself of the good bits!


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