Good Things

Things for the good thing jar this week:   Playing Geek Guide with my new Y7. Everyone writes the thing they are still nervous about at big school, or the one piece of advice we would give. Giant specs are put on volunteers to pull out the anonymous concern or piece of advice and read […]

Crystal Maze Grammar is here!

Well, almost. I am now collecting all fun things grammar, and turning it into a game that teacherrs will appreciate and students will roll their eyes at, before also appreciating. Three out of four zones are now uploaded onto TES, with an introduction. Fourth zone and a finale to consolodate learning to follow. Feedback/Criticism welcome, […]

Work Smarter

My first full week in school was a bit more of a reality check than the Honeymoon two day teaching week the previous week; teaching is such an emotional commitment that it is this that acts as a drain over the physical exertion of being on form for eight to ten hours of the day. […]

My First Week at School

I was late (not actual late, more teacher-perfectionist OCD late). I wore new clothes. I used my new pen, stamper and stickers, and got incredibly excited about it. I did a little whoop at my new shiny laptop. I got incredibly excited that the canteen had free apple crumble and custard, and didn’t even think […]