‘Sharing is Caring’, Care Bears, 1986.

With term time fast approaching, I thought it might be nice to share some of the highlights of my PGCE year, and outline some of the things that worked for me. The best thing about Twitter for me is the instant inspiration of others, and I think I make the mistake of assuming that everyone […]

Will You Start The Fans Please!

So. I have a four week stretch to transition with my little teeny weeny year sevens, and I wanted a fun and interesting way to teach grammar. The reasons behind this are to be rather frank with you, I despise grammar. I was not taught any grammatical instruction during my entire educational career, I comma […]

Ten Ways To Use Your Box Of Things

You don’t have a box of ‘stuff’? Get out of town. You’re a teacher. You have overflowing drawers of craft equipment, pens, pencils, novelty pens, novelty pencils, bookmarks that people buy you because ‘that’s what teachers like’, cups from Disneyland that your 9 year old daughter no longer fully appreciates (how on Earth could Ariel […]