The staff have been guffawing at me when I say that my word for this term is serene. I have been told to stop being ridiculous, as it is impossible for ‘exam term’ and ‘serene’ to exist within the same sentence. I challenge this. I do not need to breathe stress in order to get things done. I realise this now. I know- easier said than done- stick with me.

There are two ways to handle stress; curl up comfortably in the familiar and nostalgic fetal position and wait for it all to blow over (you could always go to the other position which is far more preferable- The Winchester) OR accept that you are human. You can only do so much with the one brain and two hands you have. The sooner that you discover that you can only do all the important things, and not all the things, the nicer your days will be.

Today? The things that I need tomorrow. Sometimes, things just have to work that way. Things don’t always need to work more than one day at a time. Sometimes, not all the time.

So, every time people encroach on the idea that the day is getting a bit too much, I revert back to serene. Whilst it may not be the go-getting approach that I should adopt to tackle my Year 9s as they attempt to plot one another’s murder, it at least means that I do not play a part of said plotting schemes. SERENE!


One thought on “Serene

  1. I’m sticking with ‘tough’ for me for now but I do like serene. I am sure it is just the Easter reboot that’s making me feel like this but I am so calm at the moment it’s eerie. Tough means when I feel less than or scared or overwhelmed, I stop feeling sorry for myself (a dreadful trait of mine) and start just dealing with it.

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