Hi. In true teacher tradition, I thought it best to knock up a blog or two to accompany my nearly qualified status. Hopefully, Twitter will remind me every now and then to contribute to this.

I have just started my #OneGoodThing hash tag, and intend to keep that up as much as I can. It doesn’t take very long to think of one good thing about your day; it will ensure that I dig deep, and remain inspired. I have managed one day of ups and downs, and am still determined to keep up the creativity and motivation that pushed me to teach in the first place.

Today? Y7 started their Shakespeare scheme, and one of them was so enthused by the fact find race that he cracked his head open on a table. I’m not sure if that is quite the win that I was looking for, but I will take them where I can! Poor boy; safe to say, he was fine. I’m so confident, I have set up another speed race for them on Wednesday.

They produced research projects over Easter to explore William Shakespeare, and the quality of their work produced actual tears. One boy had his photo taken outside the RSC to include within his EIGHT PAGE booklet! I have got the Assistant Head and Pastoral team on board to come round and shower praise next lesson. They truly deserve it.

I have eight weeks left to remember how fantastic teaching really is, and to discard any of the negative experiences that I may have had last term. I completely forgot how in control of my own experience I am within this job, and I want to embrace that on a daily basis.

Find me @SaysMiss, or join me with #OneGoodThing!


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