My Piece

I know. Prepare yourself. I don’t understand where the education system are being dictated- because that’s what it is- by someone who has never once given any indication that he has a true insight or understanding of the cogs in process within education. To fully equip yourself with the comprehension of how to improve the […]


The staff have been guffawing at me when I say that my word for this term is serene. I have been told to stop being ridiculous, as it is impossible for ‘exam term’ and ‘serene’ to exist within the same sentence. I challenge this. I do not need to breathe stress in order to get […]


Hi. In true teacher tradition, I thought it best to knock up a blog or two to accompany my nearly qualified status. Hopefully, Twitter will remind me every now and then to contribute to this. I have just started my #OneGoodThing hash tag, and intend to keep that up as much as I can. It […]